Name: Dennis van Luttikhuizen

Artist name Harder Styles: Hardnoiser

Artist name Techno: Nathaniel

Base: Eerbeek, Gld, The Netherlands

Stylez: Mainstream Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Techno,  Early Hardstyle and Raw Hardstyle

Since 2022, playing another style, Techno.  The new name for this project is NATHANIEL .

For bookings of Nathaniel, please contact 

Dutch Agency


Labels: Point 44 Records, Brutal Force Records, Gabberhead,  BZRK (F'N'F records), HardcoreMalice, Explosive Techno (as Nathaniel)

Remixes: F**king Hardcore LTD (Mokum rec.) V-core Rec, Brutal Force Rec, Point 44 Rec, HardcoreMalice

25 years experience as A DJ and over 5 years as a producer, played in a lot of venues around The Netherlands, like Club Broadway, The Matrixx, Time-Out, Club Crazy (Ger), Achterhoek Arena, Bar Tops, Fluor and more..........

HARDNOISER / DJ, Producer and remixer / All right reserved 2023
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