Name: Dennis van Luttikhuizen

Artist name Harder Styles: Hardnoiser

Artist name Techno: Nathaniel

Base: Twello, Gld, The Netherlands

Stylez: Uptempo Hardcore, Mainstream Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Millenium Hardcore, Techno,  Early Hardstyle, Classic Hardstyle and Early Raw Hardstyle

Since 2022, playing another style, Techno and Hard Techno.  The name for this project is NATHANIEL .

For bookings of Nathaniel, please contact 

Dutch Agency


Labels: Point 44 Records, Brutal Force Records, Gabberhead,  BZRK (F'N'F records), HardcoreMalice, Dwarf Records, Explosive Techno (as Nathaniel)

Remixes: F**king Hardcore LTD (Mokum rec.) V-core Rec, Brutal Force Rec, Point 44 Rec, HardcoreMalice

29 years experience as A DJ and close to 10 years as a producer, played in a lot of venues around The Netherlands, like Club Broadway, The Matrixx, Time-Out, Club Crazy (Ger), Achterhoek Arena, Bar Tops, Fluor and more..........

HARDNOISER  / All right reserved 2024
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